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The Many Things Associated With Granite Countertops Installation

It is that day when you are finally getting granite kitchen countertops installed. The very prospect of seeing your kitchen getting an entirely new look is exciting, though you cannot stop the negative thoughts from visiting. But be rest assured that the project will not fall through, especially if the job is handled by one of the best granite countertops installation Pennsylvania companies. As the homeowner however, you might need to have a clear picture of what the granite kitchen countertops installation job has in store for you.

The granite countertops installation involves certain procedures and as the homeowner, make sure that you are prepared to face the changes:

1. Prior to the new granite countertop installation, remove all the previous stone, tile and the existing countertop. Everything from the base cabinets has to be removed too including the existing backsplash, if it is there.

2. Next comes the plumbing and electrical. Before the granite countertop installation begins, all sinks, faucets and disposals are to be disconnected. In case, your kitchen does not have a backsplash and you desire to get one installed during the remodeling process, make sure that the faceplates are removed and the electrical outlet pulled from the wall. However, keep in mind that if the outlet is to be removed, then that has to happen much before the installation. Check with the installer whether they would disconnect the cook tops or you need to do it on your own.

3. Take a part in the granite countertops installation process especialy when the installer is habdling the seam in your chosen granite countertop. During the layout process, the location of the seams, the grain direction and or patterns are considered. Usually, any granite countertops installation Pennsylvania company will ask the homeowner to be present for a template layout so that the cut goes perfectly with your request and specifications. In your absence however, professional expertise comes into play.

4. The next step in the installation process is caulking. Basically, undermount sinks and backsplashes require caulking after installation. Depending on the stone, the caulk can either be colored or clear.

5. Your chosen granite kitchen countertops will be properly sealed as sealing is a vital part of its longevity. The installers actually carry out the sealing process three times so that the homeowner has a trouble free usage. However, changing the sealer every 5 years is recommended and you can ask your installer to carry it out too when needed.

Granite countertops are beautiful and they usually require no maintenance at all. However, we do recommend a thorough maintenance regime which involves cleaning the countertops with ammonia free cleaners. Also, we ask you not to wax granite countertops.

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